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Kingdom PlantaeEdit

Division MagnoliophytaEdit

Class AmboropsidaEdit

Order AmboralesEdit

Class NymphaopsidaEdit

Order NymphaealesEdit

Class AustrobaileyopsidaEdit

Order AustrobaileyalesEdit

Class CeratopopsidaEdit

Order CeratophyllalesEdit

Class ChloranthopsidaEdit

Order ChloranthalesEdit

Class MagnoliidaeEdit

Order CanellalesEdit
Order LauralesEdit
Order MagnolialesEdit
Order PiperalesEdit

Clade MonocotEdit

Order AcoralesEdit
Order AlismatalesEdit
Order AsparagalesEdit
Order DioscorealesEdit
Order LilialesEdit
Order PandanalesEdit
Order PetrosavialesEdit
Order DasypogonalesEdit
Order ArecalesEdit
Order CommelinalesEdit
Order PoalesEdit
Order ZingiberalesEdit

Clade EudicotEdit

Order BuxalesEdit
Order SabialesEdit
Order TrochodendralesEdit
Order RanunculalesEdit
Order ProtealesEdit
Order AextoxicalesEdit
Order BerberidopsidalesEdit
Order DillenialesEdit
Order GunneralesEdit
Order CaryophyllalesEdit
Order SaxifragalesEdit
Order SantalalesEdit
Clade RosidsEdit
Order AphloialesEdit
Order GeissolomatalesEdit
Order IxerbalesEdit
Order PicramnialesEdit
Order StrassburgerialesEdit
Order VitalesEdit
Order CrossosomatalesEdit
Order GeranialesEdit
Order MyrtalesEdit
Order ZygophyllalesEdit
Order HualesEdit
Order CelastralesEdit
Order MalpighialesEdit
Order OxalidalesEdit
Order FabalesEdit
Order RosalesEdit
Order CucurbitalesEdit
Order FagalesEdit
Order TapiscialesEdit
Order BrassicalesEdit
Order MalvalesEdit
Order SapindalesEdit
Clade AsteridsEdit
Order CornalesEdit
Order EricalesEdit
Order BoraginalesEdit
Order IcacinalesEdit
Order OncothecalesEdit
Order VahliaceaeEdit
Order GarryalesEdit
Order SolanalesEdit
Order GentianalesEdit
Order LamialesEdit
Order BrunialesEdit
Order ColumellialesEdit
Order EremosynalesEdit
Order EscallionalesEdit
Order ParacryphialesEdit
Order PolyosmalesEdit
Order SphenostemonalesEdit
Order TribelalesEdit
Order AquifolialesEdit
Order ApialesEdit
Order DipsacalesEdit
Order AsteralesEdit

Division PinophytaEdit

Class PinopsidaEdit

Order PinalesEdit

Division CycadophytaEdit

Class CycadopsidaEdit

Order CycadalesEdit

Division GinkgophytaEdit

Class GinkgoopsidaEdit

Order GinkgoalesEdit

Division GnetophytaEdit

Class GnetopsidaEdit

Order GnetalesEdit
Order WelwitschialesEdit
Order EphedralesEdit

Division CharophytaEdit

Class MesostigmatophyceaeEdit

Order MesostigmatalesEdit

Class ChlorokybophyceaeEdit

Order ChlorokybalesEdit

Class KlebsormidiophyceaeEdit

Order KlebsormidialesEdit

Class ZygnematophyceaeEdit

Order ZygnematalesEdit
Order DesmidialesEdit

Class CharophyceaeEdit

Order ColeochaetalesEdit
Order CharalesEdit

Division ChlorophytaEdit

Class BryopsidophyceaeEdit

Order BryopsidalesEdit

Class ChlorophyceaeEdit

Order ChaetopeltidalesEdit
Order ChaetophoralesEdit
Order ChlamydomonadalesEdit
Order ChlorococcalesEdit
Order ChlorocystidalesEdit
Order MicrosporalesEdit
Order OedogonialesEdit
Order PhaeophilalesEdit
Order SphaeroplealesEdit
Order TetrasporalesEdit
Order VolvocalesEdit

Class PedinophyceaeEdit

Order PedinomonadalesEdit

Class PleurastrophyceaeEdit

Class PrasinophyceaeEdit